We are a team of passionate gardeners and florists, located in Positano. In the late 1980s Aldo decided to quit his job as a waiter and start a new adventure. The elderly ladies of Positano were waiting impatiently for him to arrive aboard the old ape 50 bringing some color through the streets of the beautiful city and into their houses.

In 1991 Aldo opened the "Aldo Fiori e Piante" shop, later called "Floragarden Positano" with the help of his wife and children. Since the 2000s we have also been dealing with exclusive events such as weddings and parties in the most beautiful locations on the Amalfi Coast as well as taking care of the greenery in private villas and hotels.


In the magical and picturesque Amalfi Coast’s setting we contribute to the fairytale atmosphere that should surround the unforgettable "yes" day. Depending on the season, on the location and on the couple’s temperament, we recommend the most appropriate flowers and floral arrangements that best enhance the environments.

In addition to the church’s staging, to the decorations at the bride’s home and to the decorations in the restaurant, we provide to create an artistic bouquet, floreal wreaths and bracelets for both the bride and the bridesmaids. In short, that day will be perfect!

Un allestimento floreale che esprima
l’anima e i sentimenti del matrimonio


The last of our services, but not least, is the gardening: Floragardenaldo, florist in Positano, deals with everything related to the green’s care. We carry out all kinds of works, from the simplest to the most complex, ranging from routine maintenance of private gardens and public green areas to seasonal pruning, from the irrigation systems installation to more creative design and implementation of gardens and terraces.

We work both in private and in public bodies and large companies. For example, many well-known hotels in the Amalfi Coast choose our professionalism and skills. The best gift that you can do and can get you is a flower. Among Floragardenaldo in Positano you will have no trouble finding your….


Get into the Flora Garden’s store gives an intense joy to the eyes, but also to the smell. In our florist in Positano they are proudly displayed rare and fascinating plants, always fresh flowers from everywhere, but especially artistic compositions born out by the inspiration and strong imagination of our florists.

You’ll fall in love walking through our flowers exposure, resembling rather an art exhibition, and you will not have trouble finding the article for yourself or for someone dear to you. In the shop of Marconi’s street you’ll find constant assistance from our staff, you will be expertly guided in the choice of flowers and charmed with stories and tales about the meaning of each.

Raccontare le proprie emozioni
attraverso i fiori

T’innamorerai passeggiando in mezzo
alla nostra esposizione di fiori

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